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The  Lead 55LV  model uses a dual EL-34 output section and "lead" circuit values. This is the Lead circuit used in original 68-69 JMP-50 1987 models. Great crunch and upper midrange are there to cut through the mix in a sweet way that only a plexi can. Single notes are warm with great harmonics.  Filtering is period correct for 68/69 JMP-50 specs.


The 1202-118 power transformer which is stock for the LV model supplies 425vdc in ss rectifier mode. This model PT was used in the majority of JMP-50 amplifiers from 1967 thru 1969. Line voltage is select-able for 120, 200, 220/230 and 240 vac operation on the back panel.


Output transformer is a Drake 784-139 replica with 3.3K primary impedance. Original style laminate is used with correct slotted steel and correct "cheese head" screws. Primary and secondary windings are interleaved as originals. Speaker output is selectable for 16/8/4 ohms.



Choke is Dagnall C 1999 replica.


An incredible sounding amplifier with all the classic late 60's and early 70's sounds. Goes from a slightly crunchy clean to a thick smooth lead tone with just a twist of the guitar's volume control. This is the sound of the famed 1968/69 plexi 1987 model at it's very best.


Component list is the same as our other products. Spot welded aluminum chassis,  carbon film and NOS carbon comp resistors, Mil spec potentiometers,  F&T filter capacitors. Film/foil  "vintage mustard style" coupling caps all hand wired on turret board.



Note: These product specifications apply to Germino models 2022 only.

Lead 55 Ordering Information


Price: Head $2800
Dimensions: 26" x 9" x 8.375"



Current pricing includes at no charge, a post phase inverter Master Volume. If desired, please request when placing the order.

All Special Orders are Non-Refundable.

All Orders are subject to a 48 hour approval period and are Non-Refundable.

Read the ToneQuest Report on the LV55

Jacob Deraps   Lead 55 user extraordinaire


Click on the above picture to go to Jacobs youtube page. Lots of great playing and Lead 55 sound demos.

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