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Some exciting news for 2019.

In addition to my current product line I am now building recreations of the classic “Tweed” era models of the 50’s. All models feature period correct pine cabinet construction with aged nitro lacquer. Cabinets are also available in rough Brown with Oxblood cloth as an option.
Original style cloth covered wire is used with components wired to eyelets on black fiberboard. NOS and current production carbon comp resistors are used. Sprague electrolytic capacitors and Sozo coupling caps. Switchcraft jacks and switches.

The 5F6A is the classic 4 x 10 version of the Bassman.  45 watts, GZ-34 rectifier, a pair of 5881 tubes,  three 12AX7’s optional 12AY7 in pre-amp if desired. 

The 5F4 is the classic 2x 10 version of the Super at 30 watts, NOS 5U4GB rectifier, a pair of 5881’s, three 12AX7’s optional 12AY7 in pre-amp if desired.

The 5E7 is the classic version of the the 3 X 10 Bandmaster. 30 watts NOS 5U4GB, pair of 5881’s, three 12AX7’s optional 12AY7 in preamp if desired.

If you have questions concerning speakers please e-mail. Currently experimenting with several different speakers in both the Jensen (P10R/P10Q), Celestion (G10 Gold) and WGS (G10A) line.

5F6A  4 X 10 combo $2800.00

5E7    3 x 10 combo   $2700.00

5F4   2 X 10 combo   $2600.00


Disclaimer: Germino Amplification is not affiliated in any way with Fender Musical Instruments or Marshall Amplification. Any mention of their company name or products on this website are for reference purposes only.

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