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Master Model 50


As the the 70’s evolved musically so did the sound of the amplifiers…..the British sound was changing on the horizon. Thus entered the age of Master Volume on many amplifiers not just abroad but in the States as well.

In 1975 the Master Model 50w was introduced and for the next few years began to change the sound of rock. This model was the precursor to the JCM-800 50w series.
The cascaded pre-amp design allowed separate Pre-amp volume and Master volume controls where Ch1 and Ch 2 volume had been on 4 input models.  EQ section remained the same as did the vintage styling for the first year of production.

The Germino Master Model 50w is an exact and faithful replica of the 2204 Master Model 50 from the years 1978-1979 considered by many to be the best years for the Master Model platform.

Only the finest components are chosen for this model as with other Germino amplifiers.  Drake 784-139 replica OT , Drake PT and choke are made as exact to the original units. Custom plexi style panels with proper font are used.

The Master Model 50w is capable of amazing crunch at low volume levels suitable for home playing or for any venue. Set pre-amp volume high for home volume levels or roll pre-amp volume back and set Master volume higher for stage use.

Master Model 50 Ordering Information


Price: Head $2800
Dimensions: 26" x 9" x 8.375"

Current pricing includes at no charge, a post phase inverter Master Volume. If desired, please request when placing the order.


All Special Orders are Non-Refundable.

All Orders are subject to a 48 hour approval period and are Non-Refundable.

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