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Re-live the era of the golden age of rock, the Headroom 100 takes you there and beyond if you are ready. The Headroom 100 specifically emulates the sound and construction of the very early 1968 100 watt plexi panel amplifiers. This amp is for those with good hands! The sounds of the Headroom 100 are bold and tight with an extremely percussive attack that tracks with every detail of the players touch. Bottom end is big, full and tight, an attribute of the four valves and power supply.

  • The Super Lead version hits the area of singing sustain around 6 on the volume control. Great upper mid range crunch, smooth warm sustain and quick percussive attack.


  • The Super Bass version is a cleaner amp with Bass circuit component values. It has a rounder tone with a flat frequency response. This amp is great for a bold clean tone a/la SRV/Hendrix style with a strat. Very fitting for Malcom Young type riffing as well, bold, punchy and just the right amount of crunch. Last but not least, the Super Bass absolutely loves drive pedals !


Super Lead and Super Bass amplifiers are built to exact detail. From the very first glance of the aluminum chassis and plexi panels to the perforated tag board assembly the workmanship and attention to detail is simply stunning. The early Super Lead's from 68 were the first to use a circuit specifically voiced for lead guitar with split cathode pre-amp, specific values in the tone section and output stage as well as a brite cap for an automatic brightening of the amp at low volume.


  • The aluminum chassis is folded and spot welded at the corners.

  • Plexi panels in gold highlight the original style font.

  • NOS tube sockets.

  • Replica  Dagnall 1.5 output transformer and replica Dagnall 1.8" power transformer are used.

  • Cheese head transformer bolts.

  • Voltage spec is 460vdc to the plates just as the late 67/early 68 versions. This spec is a little bit easier on tubes and allows the amp to overdrive with a smoother sound.

  • Perforated tag board.

  • Authentic  turret board layout.

  • Beautiful and accurate wiring assembly populated with carbon film/carbon comp resistors and SoZo "Next Generation" mustard style coupling capacitors.

  • SST hardware.

NEW SPEC for those wanting the early/mid 1967 Black Flag circuit !


With the Fillmore 100 no longer in the line up many have asked for this model. 

I will now offer the earlier style Drake 100 transformers with the JTM-100/BF spec.

Both the 1202-119 with 16/8 ohm taps is available and the 1202-132 with 16/8/4 ohm taps.

Since there were several different filter board layouts and different filtering and circuit values used in early/mid 67 values please inquire as to what you are wanting to replicate.




Note: These product specifications apply to Germino 2022 models only.



Headroom 100 Ordering Information


Price: Head $3600
Dimensions: 29" x 10.75" x 8.375"




Current pricing includes at no charge, a post phase inverter Master Volume. If desired, please request when placing the order.

All Special Orders are Non-Refundable.

All Orders are subject to a 48 hour approval period and are Non-Refundable.


Greg Martin  Headroom 100  user

Lincoln Brewster (57).jpg

Lincoln Brewster  Headroom 100  user

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