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Fillmore 100


Lets roll back in time to 1967. It's early in that year that Marshall made the switch from KT-66 tubes to EL-34's with new transformers for this tube type. These are the second series Drake transformers used in 100 watt production. The 1203-80 power, 1202-119 output (no 4 ohm tap) and by mid year the 1202-132 with 4 ohm tap. Unique to these new models was a reverse typeset JTM lettering on the front panel which is affectionately know today as Black Flag. Later models would simply say JMP-100. All of these early amps used a Bass circuit. Steel chassis made their debut in early in 67 as well.


The Fillmore 100 is an extremely accurate reproduction of the JMP-100 as it was built for a short period of time in 1967. Zinc plated steel chassis with folded and spot welded corners, reverse silk-screened plexi panels, solid filter board and perforated main board ass'y are just the beginning of the attention to detail. Wiring is period correct and internal layout shows beautiful component choices. Heyboer transformers.  Vintage style film/foil coupling caps, carbon film/carbon comp resistor assortment.  Period correct brass hardware is used throughout and the replica transformers use cheese head bolts. Voltage selector allows use at 120, 220, 230, 240vac. Ohm selector for 4/8/16 speaker loads or 8/16 ohm loads depending on model OPT used.


This amp reproduces great sounds of old from Hendrix, Free and others of the day. Big clean and round at lower volumes to incredible semi broken tones when pushed. A fantastic crunch rhythm amp, and great for cleaner solo work. Excellent with pedals or a fuzz face. Similar to a JTM-45/100 but with a firmer feel and the unmistakable sound of EL-34's.


Note: These product specifications apply to Germino models 2020 only, not earlier product.

FILLMORE 100 Ordering Information


Head $3500
29" x 10.75" x 8.375"



All Special Orders are Non-Refundable.

All Orders are subject to a 48 hour approval period and are Non-Refundable.


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