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  • The Germino Club 40™ is the defining early sound of the JMP-50 watt Bass heads with a circuit voiced for full frequency response like the larger Super Bass models. Output transformer is a Drake replica of the 784-139 specifically designed for EL-34's Plate voltage is 425vdc with ss rectifier. AC line voltage is externally selectable for 120, 200, 220/230 and 240 vac operation.


  • The Club 40 as with all Germino amplifiers use the same quality components.  Carbon film and carbon comp resistors along with film/foil caps mounted on a hand wired turret board.  F&T electrolytic capacitors, military spec pots, Cliff jacks and premium tube sockets all mounted in an aluminum chassis with spot welded corners for strength. Custom wound transformers are period correct using 1202-118 P/T, 784-139 OPT and 352-114 choke by Heyboer.


  • The Club 40 moves from big beautiful clean tones to bold crunch effortlessly and excels with either single coils or humbuckers. This amp is very responsive to volume control adjustments from the guitar and gives the user extreme flexibility running the amp with or without pedals. An array of early tones that go from incredible cleans to the definition of British crunch are all there. Pushed, the Club 40™ gives great response and singing single note lines. The perfect amp for a semi clean/slightly distorted tones with single coil or humbucking pickups. The Club 40 covers a wide range of late 60's and early 70’s classic rock sounds when paired with either a 2 X 12 or 4 X 12 cabinet.


  • The Club 40 can be built optionally as a specific JTM-50 replica with GZ-34 rectifier and higher voltages in pre-amp section for those wanting an exact Black Flag JTM-50.


Note: These product specifications apply to Germino models 2022 only, not earlier product.

Club 40 Ordering Information


Price: Head $2800
Dimensions: 26" x 9" x 8.375"


Current pricing includes at no charge, a post phase inverter Master Volume. If desired, please request when placing the order.


All Special Orders are Non-Refundable.

All Orders are subject to a 48 hour approval period and are Non-Refundable.

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