LEAD 35 and BASS 35


The Lead 35 and Bass 35 are lower wattage versions of the 55L and Club 40 (50w) using the same Lead or Bass circuit.

The new transformer set for these models is the key element to providing great sounds at more manageable volume levels. They have been carefully selected and tested, yielding a broad frequency EQ and extreme touch response.


  • OT is a Trainwreck/Stancor replica wound to 35 watts. Power transformer supplies 370vdc in GZ-34 tube rectifier mode or 380vdc in ss mode. Both units are manufactured by Heyboer.

  • Output transformer has the ability to accept a wide range of tubes from EL-34, 6CA7, KT-77, 6L6GC, 5881, KT-66 and 6V6’s without need to impedance mismatch.


All Lead 35 and Bass 35 models use:

  • NOS tube sockets for both power and pre-amp section.

  • NOS Mallory Film/foil coupling caps.

  • Heavy duty switches, fuse holders, CTS pots and Cliff jacks.

  • Turret boards are fabricated in house from material sourced in the UK.

Lead 35 and Bass 35 watt models ship with JJ  E-34L tubes or Tung Sol 5881’s.
Mullard 12AX7’s for pre-amp tubes.

Post Phase Inverter MV is optional.

Product specs apply to 2021 models only.

LEAD 35 and BASS 35 Ordering Information


Price: Head $2600
Dimensions: 26" x 9" x 8.375"

1 x 12 Combo  $3100
Dimensions: 24" x 20" x 10.5

Added Master Volume  $100