4x12 cabinets

4x12 slant cabinet.

4x12 straight cabinet with optional "100" badge.

Des4x12 straight cabinet in white tolex.

Full stack.

 4 x 12 Cabinets

  • Straight Front or Slant Front design. Slant cabs angle to 11" at top

  • Dimensions are 29.75"W x 29.25"H x 14"D.  Weight is approximately 85lbs with casters.

  • Price is $1400  with Celestion G12M 25 speakers. 







With superior attention to detail, along with the basketweave grille cloth and original construction methods these are the best sounding cabinets made. Both slant front and straight front 4 x 12 cabinets are hand built using as a pattern two original basketweave cabs from 1968   and 1969.  5/8" Baltic Birch throughout.  Correct lip thickness on cabs, metal handles mounted with machine screws and T nuts.