Style II cabinet with a Bass 35 head.

Style 1, 28" 2x12 with valence.

Style 1, 26" 2x12 back.

Style 1, 28" 2x12 back.

"Style II" 26" 2x12

"Style II" 26" 2x12, closed back, semi-open back.

"Style II", 26" wide.

"Style II" 2x12 in purple.

Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke

2x12 cabinets

2 x 12 Cabinets


2x12 extension cabinets, available semi open back or closed back.

Style I  28” with valance panel
28” x 22” x 12”
weight: 43 lbs

Style II 26” wide with flush grille no lip
26” x 20” X 12”
weight: 42 lbs

Price:  $850 with Celestion G12M 25w Greenbacks

2 x 12 combo cabinets  - Special order only, please inquire.
Combo cabinets are available as Style I or Style II

Style I is 28” x 22” x 12”
weight: 69 lbs

Style II is 30” X 22’ X 10.5”
weight: 69 lbs

For all 2x12 cabinets: Standard grille cloth is salt and pepper basketweave from the UK. Cane basketweave (wheat color) is optional.

Note: Other Celestion speakers available on request.